"In my 25 years of working with many different organizations, Yukiko is one of the most conscientious and most competent office managers I have ever worked with."                                                                                        - Mark Linskey, Database Manager, UAFP

" It was a pleasure to work with Yukiko. I had several file boxes in my closet taking up space for 10 years and I've needed to go through them. It was too overwhelming for me to start. Yukiko's emotional support, encouragement, and her organizing skill made it easier for me to go through and keep going until it was all done. It took only four hours!  Years of thinking "I have to tackle those boxes" is now all over. I gave away those filing boxes and the space in my closet will now be used for my precious "scrapbooks."  I feel so liberated!  I thank Yukiko for her positive reinforcement and encouragement.    
                                                                           - a Manhattan client, Public School Teacher

" Yukiko tremendously helped me to organize and facilitate in many of my difficult projects. In a few days, a lot more was done than I expected. She inspired me to be a lot more productive than I was. I felt I could do more than I had thought I could do."                                                                      
- Jeanne O'Donnell  Interior Designer  

" Yukiko basically knew what had to be done with little promoting from me. I was quite happy with the results. Yukiko is a great worker! "               - John K. Investor

" Yukiko is not only an organizer, she is a life saver. Work is now easier and flows. She is dependable, Insightful, cheerful, and a hub of the office."

                                                                         - Glenn Martin Miller, Treasurer, UAFP

" My experience of working with Yukiko is very positive. 

She listens carefully to what I want to do and then adds her opinion. I think she is very sensitive. She makes suggestions and offers good solutions. I appreciate her ideas which I may not have thought of. She is not pushy if I don't agree, and comes up with changes that I really like. I enjoy working along side her and get inspired by her discipline. 

She also gets to work fast and don't waste time."

                                                                           - G. Reder, Artists manager

" Living in New York City in a small space can sometimes breed overwhelming chaos. Yuki helped me to make order of my chaos. With her very positive, non judgmental attitude, she gave me the structure and courage to tackle paperwork and clutter so that life seems more organized and predictable. I trust her like a sister. She's the best therapist I've ever had! "
 - Rose Bernstein  Management consultant & Therapist

" Yukiko makes piles of paper and clutters disappear magically. She is organized, efficient, reassuring and fun to work with."
 - Ann Gordon. Psychotherapist

" Yukiko helps me to have a better life. She helps me organize. It is always a pleasure to talk to her, and see her."
- Craig O'Callaghan, Executive Vice President USB

" Yukiko is a life saver! "
 - Nannette Walsh  International teacher of Alexander Technique & Writer

" As a musician working from home, I'd always felt the need to improve my working environment and how I conducted my business. Yet, I did not know how or where to begin. I also had serious health challenges which my doctor stated 'would be very difficult to reverse,' and this prevented me from moving forward in my career. Soon after I began using Yukiko's services, my home office began to look clean and organized. The business card which Yukiko designed had a new look to reflect who I am. With Yukiko's gentle, patient and insightful approach, miraculously I was able to turn my illness to health. With the good health and vibrant energy came the desire to change and grow; I was able to take enormous steps forward in realizing my potential. Yukiko helped me to become aware as to how I was presenting myself, and that this was not reflective of who I really was, or what my true value was. And she advised me how to change. I now receive never-ending compliments from my family, friends and clients. They tell me how well I look and play my instrument. In addition, I also have greater confidence in my ability to manage my business interests and also how I interact with my clients. These positive experiences encourage me to continue my journey of self discovery and improvement. Yukiko's work has been truly life-changing for me."
- M. L, Pianist 


Jane (not her real name) is a full time teacher, mother and wife who was overwhelmed with disorganized piles of papers around her house. In the two sessions with Yukiko, most of the piles disappeared. She was so happy! Now Jane has begun to use Yukiko for bill payment.

Beth is a psychotherapist who has had a dream of becoming a street vender in France and has spent years collecting beautiful clothes and bags from thrift shops. Now her collection has grown out of control and she needed help organizing it and her place. Beth told Yukiko she could not do this by herself, but doing this with Yukiko was fun! 

Patty has had a turbulent time for the past 10 years with her family: her mother with dementia; IRS going after her mother for $30,000; having to hire a lawyer agsinst her own mother; and her teenage daughter fighting with her emotionally. Now Patty's mother is in a nursing home, her daughter is in college studying film, Patty is now married to a nice man, and she supports herself driving a yellow cab while studying at Columbia University. It all sounds fine, but these life challenges have left her with deep depression. In helping Patty with her enormous amount of paper and her plan of action, Yukiko was thinking what else she could do to increase her performance. Patty assured Yukiko that just by coming and being there working with her, Yukiko already had done her job (otherwise, she can't get out of bed sometimes even with medication), and she thanked Yukiko for bring there and for the efficient work. Patty stated that her depression was tied to clutter, and when she had no clutter, she was happy. The money she used to spend on therapy, she has now decided to spend organizing her life. Working with Yukiko is very important for Patty.