Have you wondered what it's like to have a professional organizer in your life? Or a personal assistant?

If you are thinking of hiring one for your personal or professional goals, yet don't know where to begin, you've come to the right place. 

Helping my own family in Japan with their years of accumulation around the house was my first experience as an organizer. Assisting home based business owners with papers and delayed taxes came next. Organizing moves with movers was a team effort and fun! Many psychotherapists I worked with have had their own problems just like the rest of us. Then, a home-bound (wounded) healer was introduced and embraced my work as both a personal assistant and professional organizer. The most recent clients include a famous musician who was declining with a serious health challenges. Assisting and watching him transform from illness to health, playing his instrument with full strength meant more than money. The last 17 years have brought me many stories to tell....the stories of beautiful encounters and transformations. Becoming part of my clients' success has been my passion. They were the results and rewards of my work.

Whether your organizing need is professional or personal, if you feel a desire to be more effective, so that you can express your gifts more fully to the world, please schedule my complimentary visit to your home or office. There is no obligation after. Even if you decided not to use my service, you'll still have me as your friend. So, call today.